Unlock the Power of Veterans in Your Business with Frago 22

Welcome to Frago 22, your strategic partner in leveraging the unique skills and experiences of veterans.

We’re more than a coaching service – we’re a robust conduit connecting businesses with a deep pool of disciplined, focused, and highly trained veterans ready to contribute to your success.

Our services are designed to help you tap into this often-underutilized workforce, enriching your team with proven leadership, resilience, and dedication that only veterans can bring.

01. Consulting Services

02. Policy Drafting

03. Career Development

04. Grant Application Assistance

05. Policy Development for Grant Applications



06. Information and Assistance for Specific Programs

07. Executive Coaching

08. Workshops - For Veterans & Businesses

09. Training Programs - For veterans & Businesses

10. Hiring & Veterans Shortlist for Job Roles

Our Services

Bridging the Gap between Businesses and Veterans.

At Frago 22, we believe that hiring veterans isn’t just about filling positions – it’s about enhancing your workforce with individuals who have a proven track record of discipline, adaptability, and leadership.

With us, you’re not just getting a coach; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to helping you build a more diverse, dynamic, and productive team.

consulting services

Counseling & Deep Dive Sessions

Training Programs - For Veterans & Businesses

Training Modules

career mapping

Career Mapping

hiring shortlisting veterans

Talent Acquisition

Why Choose Us

We understand the challenges of integrating veterans into the civilian workforce, but we also know the unparalleled value they add to a business.

That’s why our coaching programs focus on:

frago22 career transition coaching

Veteran Recruitment

Our comprehensive recruiting strategies connect you with the right veteran candidates who align with your company culture and values.

frago22 resume and interview peparation

Retention Strategies

We offer tailored coaching to help you create an inclusive environment that recognizes and nurtures the unique skills and experiences of your veteran employees, boosting morale and retention.

Developing Effective Leadership

Having leaders that can lead effectively is not only important but a must when leading the troops in battle. We show you what works universally in leadership, on the field or off.

Maximizing Veteran Potential

Through our specialized coaching, we help you unlock the untapped potential of your veteran employees, helping them transition smoothly and thrive in their roles.


About Frago22

Founded on the principles of military precision and adaptability, FRAGO22 is a veteran-led consultancy that bridges the gap between military efficiency and business innovation.

About John Kerkhoff

As a former First Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant I know what it means to serve, develop, and to lead diverse teams of individuals to accomplish great tasks. I am passionate about translating organizational visions and objectives into reality, offering tangible results in line with client expectations.

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Frago 22 - Empowering Veterans, Enriching Businesses.

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With Frago 22, you’re not just hiring veterans – you’re investing in the future of your company.


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