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Bridging the gap between veterans and businesses.


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A veteran-led consultancy that bridges the gap.

Founded on the principles of military precision and adaptability, FRAGO22 is a veteran-led consultancy that bridges the gap between military efficiency and business innovation.

Our name, derived from the military term “FRAGO” (Fragmentary Order), reflects our agile approach to evolving business challenges. We specialize in harnessing the unparalleled skills of veterans to fortify businesses against the ebbs and flows of the corporate world.

With a decorated history of transforming military prowess into business acumen, we offer strategies steeped in discipline and leadership. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke solutions that elevate operational efficiency, team dynamics, and organizational resilience.

At FRAGO22, we empower businesses to command their objectives with the strategic foresight and steadfast commitment exemplified by those who have served.


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About Frago22 Founder

John Kerkhoff

During my 20 years in the Military, I drove success on and off the battlefield. I developed partnerships with host and partner Nations and pursued my academic interests in Political Science and Leadership.

In all aspects of my life, I gravitate toward three things: rapid innovation, unbridled creativity, and one hell of a challenge.

As a former First Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant I know what it means to serve, develop, and to lead diverse teams of individuals to accomplish great tasks. I am passionate about translating organizational visions and objectives into reality, offering tangible results in line with client expectations.

My recent successes include: planning, preparing, and delivering three new training programs for the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence as well as minimizing the use of outdated equipment during training operations totaling $136K in excess supply expenditures.

I have now made it my mission in life to assist transitioning service members and veterans find their next mission in life. Working with partners to help coach, mentor, and guide the veterans to their new mission.

john kerkhoff

Our Mission

Why we do what we do

The heart of the military isn’t found in its armaments or tactics, but in its unyielding spirit – a spirit born from camaraderie, forged in adversity, and unwavering in its mission-first mindset.

Every veteran carries this ethos: an innate will to succeed, a relentless commitment to the team, and a profound respect for roles and responsibilities.

At FRAGO22, our passion stems from this very spirit. We envision a corporate world where this culture isn’t just appreciated but becomes its very backbone; a world where businesses aren’t just about profits, but about purpose, respect, and growth.

For Veterans

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How We Do it

By tapping into the depth of military values, we’ve sculpted strategies that don’t just bridge the veteran-corporate divide but make it a synergy.

We harness the ‘can-do, will-do’ attitude, mold it with your corporate objectives, and create an environment where respect isn’t just a word but a practiced value.

Our training modules don’t just teach; they translate, ensuring that the mission-driven mindset of our veterans aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

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