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Welcome to Frago 22, your trusted partner as you transition from military service to a new career in the business world. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to guide you every step of the way.

Futures Made

From Military Service to Corporate Success.

Counseling & Coaching

We help you understand the civilian job market, equip you with tools to navigate your career change, and provide emotional support.

Transition Roadmap

We offer a structured approach, ensuring no crucial steps are missed during the transition.

Career Pathways

We assist you in effectively marketing yourself in specific industries or roles.

Networking Opportunities

We provide you a platform to expand your professional network and gain insights from peers and experts.

Job Shadowing Opportunities

We allow you to get hands-on experience and understand the civilian job environment better.

Internship Programs

We help you understand the civilian job market, equip you with tools to navigate your career change, and provide emotional support.

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Why choose Frago22

Connecting veterans and businesses

Your military background has equipped you with a wealth of skills that are highly valued in the corporate world: leadership, discipline, strategic planning, teamwork, and more.

At Frago 22, we help you translate these skills into a language that businesses understand and highly value.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have walked the same path you’re on now. We know the hurdles and how to overcome them.

Military Training - Your Competitive Edge.


How It Works

Step #1

You sign up. We get to know you.


Step #2

We connect you with the job.


Step #3

We provide ongoing support.


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Frago 22 - Empowering Veterans, Enriching Businesses.

Take the First Step Today.

Ready to transiton into a new career or looking for a mentor who’s walked in your shoes? Contact us at Frago 22 today to schedule a consultation. 


See What Our
Partners Say
About Us

A remarkable Coach & Mentor

I am absolutely delighted to recommend John Kerfhoff, a remarkable coach and mentor. John is not just a great leader, but he’s also an extraordinary human being. His warm personality and approachable nature make him a pleasure to interact with. He has this unique ability to infuse positivity in every situation, instilling confidence and motivation.

Victor T.


Leadership Potential Optimizer

John’s unique approach to identifying blocks in organizations, often not even realized or accepted by senior and executive management, clearly shows them the impact of not ROI but more importantly COI (Cost of Inaction) on their bottom line if they are not addressed.

John is someone I could not recommend more highly to any organization who are not happy with their employee’s performances or optimizing their leadership potential.

Peter Beckhenham


Walking the walk

John is an inspiring leader who places the interest and needs of veterans on the front line. His real talk shows that he will step up and walk the walk as well. He has inspired me to think about what more I can do for veterans and hopefully make a difference for service men and women, even after my service ended.

Dana Lescoe

Retired Army Veteran

An Exceptional Military & Business Leader

The hallmark of exceptional military leaders lies in their unwavering dedication to the well-being of their soldiers. John, who served as my platoon sergeant during my military service, epitomizes this quality. From the moment he took on the role, it was evident that he placed the needs of his soldiers above all else. This essential trait not only left a profound impact on me but also resonated deeply with all those under his command.

Right from the beginning, John demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to fostering growth and development in each of us. He consistently challenged me to reach for the best version of myself in all aspects of my endeavors. His guidance not only contributed significantly to my growth as a soldier but also played an instrumental role in shaping me into a better person.

Neil Sutfin

Real Estate Specialist

Building Better Corporate Culture

John is always trying to help others in building better corporate work cultures and giving great advise in making recommendations to senior leadership.

I’ve worked with John for almost 6 months and he has been such a inspirational part of my growth.

He is so kind in helping others before thinking of himself. I would definitely have no reservations in hiring an outstanding individual like John for any role or advise needed in your professional career.

Thank you John in all you do to coach, educate, encourage and help everyone in their growth with all your expertise!!

John Tellson



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